Calcium sulfate whisker is a white cotton-like material with perfect structure, regular morphology, and stable dimension. It is a novel microfiber with the length to diameter ratio of 40~300. It is the latest generation of reinforcing material for high performance composite with lower toxicity. It can be widely used to fabricate light quality and high strength friction products for its excellent mechanical and physical properties and high compatibility. It also has a very good affinity and dispersion to other organic materials, which makes it evenly distributed among the poor-fiber area, thus to enhance the friction coefficient stability and increase toughness.
length: 10 - 300μm
Diameter: 1 - 4μm
ength to diameter ratio:40~300
Specific gravity(g/cc, g/cm3 2.69
Apparent Density(g/cc) 0.3-0.65
Melting point (℃)        1450℃
Hardness(Mohs) 2.0-4.0
Whiteness(%) 90%
PH   7±0.5
1. 12.5KG/bag, double sheet paper bags with plastic bag.
2. Opened bags must be carefully resealed and kept upright to prevent leakage. Stored in original packages in a dry, cool and well ventilated areas to prevent from direct sunlight.
3. Use appropriate to avoid environment contamination. 


1. Friction Sealing Material Industry: (automotive brake pads, train brake pads, rubber gaskets and sealing plates, etc.) used as additional materials to enhance and adjust friction performance. Calcium sulfate whiskers are non-toxic and basically have no heavy metals, so they are suitable as substitutes for asbestos.
2. Abrasive Mold Industry: mainly used in resin grinding wheels, which can enhance the friction performance, extend the service life, and high temperature resistance.
3. Composite Material Modification Industry: for example: engineering plastics (car bumpers, automobile instrument panels, interior ceilings, etc.), modified plastics (nylon PA, polypropylene PP, polyethylene PVC, etc.), rubber products, etc. It is applied to polymer materials, which can not only strengthen and toughen the materials, but also play the role of thickening, heat resistance, wear resistance, oil resistance and so on.
4. Environmental Protection Field: Since whiskers generally have a large specific surface area, they can be used as filter materials to remove harmful impurities in exhaust gas and waste water.
5. Paper Industry: It can replace pulp in part or in large quantities to produce various kinds of paper, which can greatly increase paper output, reduce wood consumption, save costs and expenses, not only protect the environment, but also reduce waste water discharge in paper-making.
6. Construction Industry of Metal-based and Ceramic-based Materials: as a reinforced additive material.
7. Paints and Powders: As additional materials, paints and powders with calcium sulfate whiskers have strong adhesion, temperature resistance, and good insulation (or conductivity).
8. Asphalt Modified Materials: calcium sulfate whiskers can be used for asphalt fillers and reinforcing agents, which have a decisive influence on raising the softening temperature of asphalt.
So calcium sulfate whiskers have very broad application prospects in many fields.




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